Friday, March 31, 2006

clearing up a few things

Hi again. Some of you may have been reading the disgraceful displays of human behavior on the AOL message boards. I would like to assure you, the people who have been kind and considerate this entire time, of a few things. Yes Anna did buy Randy a Mustang. However that does not mean that she isn't using donations to pay for things that are needed. Randy has wanted a Mustang for a long time and she just wanted to make him happy and give him something to work for. And for the issue with Randy's brother, that is their concern and I dont have the right to go into detail but they will take that road together and if its against Randy's wishes Im sure it will be dropped. Anna is not in it for the money, nor has she ever been. She didn't ask for a fund to be set up, it was initiated by stangers who wanted to give. It is difficult to watch someone get bashed for untruths so I just wanted to clear that up. It is so hard to get your point across on the AOL boards as many of you know.

Next weekend I am going to Randy's birthday party so I hope to have some pictures up soon after. If something else of interest happens I will let you know of course

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Randys going home

Hi there! I guess I can tell you now since the media has gotten wind of it. Randy is going home tomorrow morning. There will be a press conference as well as a taped interview that Matt Lauer did with the family. Both will air tomorrow morning. I felt bad about knowing and not posting it but they were trying to get Randy home without the media there at their house. So I hope everyone can check those things out. If I get links to anything I will post them tomorrow sometime. Thank you so much for your interest and I will continue to leave messages here but I can guess that the press conferences will be over for a while! Bye!

Monday, March 27, 2006

update 3/27

Hi there! Just thought I would drop a line and tell you how Randy is doing. He's doing pretty good. He can walk on his own now and is feeding himself. There will be a press conference sometime this week and Randy will be appearing on it. So make sure you check that out!

Friday, March 17, 2006

going home before we know it!

Just letting everyone know that Randy is doing fine and he will be going home in a few weeks for good. A specific date hasn't been given.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3/15 update

Hi Everyone. Soory there haven't been many updates lately. A little news to report. Randy will be going home for a few hours today. This is the first time he has been home. He will however have to return to the rehabilitation center. The doctors and family are doing everything in their power to get him back to normal. This will be my last post for a week and a half unless something major happens. I am leaving for spring break! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

march 1 continued

Just something else to add. There will be a national interview tomorrow so keep an eye out for it.


EXCLUSIVE:Transcript of Interview with Anna McCloy and Russell Biundo, M.D.
Posted 3/1/2006 05:53 PM

West Virginia Media's April Kaull's interview with the wife and doctor of the lone survivor from the Sago Mine Disaster.
Anna McCloy
Randy McCloy’s Wife

Tell me about Randal McCloy. We know he likes heavy metal music, we've seen a few photos. Talk to me about the man you know as a husband and father.

“He’s a good daddy, a good husband.”

“He’s an outdoors person. He loves to be outdoors. He’s not the kind of person who likes to sit down. He’s antsy.”

“He’s always put me and the kids before him.”

Let's talk about Randy the coal miner. How did he feel about working in the mines?

“It was just a job. It was just a job to him. It wasn’t something he liked or enjoyed.”

“Mining wasn’t for him.”

“He wasn’t really sure what yet. He’s just the type of person that. You know, he’s set goals, he’d finish that set of goals, then it would be more goals. He was never done.”

Describe that morning on January 2nd as Randy prepared to go to work at Sago.

“Randy would get up, turn the alarm off. Wash his face, brush his teeth.”

“He’d kiss the babies, tell them Daddy loves them, God loves them and see he’d see them when he got home. Then I would go to the door.”

“Kiss me and say love you bunches, God loves you too. I’ll be home later. And then he would just go out the door. And I’d wait until I could see the lights anymore.”

Fast forward to the moment you learned your husband was one of miners trapped underground. How did you gelt the news? How did you react?

“Someone come knocking at my door. When I saw his face, I knew something was wrong.”

“I went hysterical because I knew that something was wrong.”

What was it like for you as you waited for word with the other families?

“Excruciating. I’ve never been put through anything like this in my life.”

“I’ve had nightmares before about what if something happened to him.. .and I just wanted to wake up.”

We all know about the miscommunication issue... what was that like?

“That was about 11:30 when they took Randy out. I didn’t know that that was Randy until about 3 o’clock in the morning. I was not told until 3 o’clock that it was Randy.”

When did you know Randy was the miner taken out in the ambulance to the hospital?

“From the time that they announced that they was all alive to three o’clock, I believed that my husband was going to walk out of there perfectly fine.”

“THEN they say. We have one alive. Randal L. McCloy Jr. and I’m thinking What?”

“My nephew had to take me out of the church because I just froze.”

When you finally learned that Randy was the only one pulled out alive... can you explain the emotions? It must have been so hard for you... immense relief... and grief for the other families.

“Yeah, I was angry. I mean I’m happy because he’s alive, I was also upset because the others were dead. But I was angry, because they led me to believe that my husband was perfectly fine. He was coming out of there. I was going to hug him. He was going to talk to me. I wasn’t ready for this.”

Randy's been called the miracle miner... that's what doctors call Randy's recovery and rehab. What's it been like? Take us through an average day.

“It’s exactly that. It’s a miracle.”

“He was meant to be here for a purpose. There’s a purpose for this man.”

“The first thing I told him… I told him Randy I’m here and I love you.”

“It’s just amazing to carry on a conversation with him and to be able to say to him. I love you and he says I love you too.”

How is he doing physically? Emotionally?

“Well, I’m afraid that he might go through a depression and get depressed and it might slow him down in his therapy and doing as well.”

“When I see the progress every day I want to keep that going. Because the faster he does this, the faster he’s home to me and the kids and we get back to our regular normal life, which will never be normal but I still want some of that back.”

Does Randy remember any of what happened? What has he said about the explosion... and the hours waiting to be rescued?

“Um, bits and pieces I’d say.”

Does a part of you hope that he won't remember?

“Yeah, I don’t initiate it. If he starts talking, I listen. And I just keep reassuring him that he’s ok, that he’s fine.”

“I received a letter through the mail from an inspector but I never addressed it. I never even paid any attention to it. I threw it to the side, like you’re not talking to him right now and that’s going to be awhile.”

“Yea, I do, because he’s been through enough in his life to not have to deal with this too. He doesn’t need this on him right now. And I hope he does forget.”

“Ahhhh, no.”

“I’m solely focused on what’s happening in that room.”

“I don’t have newspapers around him, the news, anything. Everything is positive.”

“They contact us just to make sure I’m ok, if I need something. Just to make sure there’s something that I need or want, or can help me with.”

This is really the first time you've talked publicly... why now?

“I wanted something positive, to be able to come out and say something positive that he’s doing, progressing the way that he is. And to let everybody know that we care.”

“Every time I went outside there was tons of news people asking Anna can you talk to us.”

“So it got to the point that I hid in the church. I would even come out.”

We hear about his progress... moving, eating, talking in phrases. Why haven't we seen or heard from him yet?

“Hopefully. He can talk and answer appropriately now. But I don’t want it rushed. I want him to be able to get through this and deal with this later. It’ll come to that point but I’m not going to rush it, and I’m not going to let it be rushed.”

What have you said to your kids about all of this?

“When she’s around she hollers Dad, Dad. And I put her up and she can touch him.”

“My son’s like Daddy’s getting better.”

“Or he’ll say Booger… that’s what we call him at home… listen to your mommy. He says that stuff.”

How do see the future, now?... How have your expectations, goals changed since the explosion?

“It’s changed our lives completely. We’ll never have that normalcy again.”

What do you hope for the future of coal mining in West Virginia?

“Yea, I’m angry, that it took this to get to this where the safety is now. I’m angry. I’m relieved that they’re doing something now, but it shouldn’t have took a tragedy like this to make it that.”

How do you feel about the support you received from state leaders?

“West Virginia is a family and he’s (Governor Manchin) made me realize that through what he does. He cares, he’s not just out there for politics or votes. He’s out there because he cares, and he’s made me realize that there are still people out there who care.”

What about the rescuers and the people of West Virginia? If Randy was sitting here with you, what would he want them to know?

“Just probably basically tell them not to take live for granted. Because as he told me, he said that you never realize how precious life is until you think you will have it no longer. And that’s what he told me.

“When did he say that?”



Dr. Russell Biundo
Randy McCloy’s Doctor

How’s Randy doing?

“He’s progressed amazingly well. I think he’s shocked almost everyone who’s been involved in his care. And he continues to shock all of us. His recovery has been unparalleled. We’ve never seen anyone with that degree of brain injury recover so quickly.”

Can you give me specifics? What things are you seeing from him that are so shocking and amazing?

“First and foremost, he’s able to speak. He’s able to articulate.”

“His kidney function has improved back to normal. His respiratory status is normal. His breathing tube has been removed.”

“Is he having to relearn how to do simple things? Or is that part of memory that he’s kept?

“He has difficulty maintaining a full conversation like you and I are, but he’s moving in that direction. For example, I’ll walk into the room and I’ll say ‘hi Randy’, and he’ll say ‘hi Dr. B’.”

“He’s able to remember things from a day to day basis. That’s important because he’s starting to form memory, which he couldn’t do before.”

“This is like a new life for him. It’s like a renaissance. It’s like a resurrection basically. He’s a new person, a different person. The way he’s thinking now, the new memories he’s forming.”

“Some of the old memory. I’m not certain how much he remembers. It’s difficult to tell at this point, especially in regard to the accident and all that. We’re not clear on that.”

What about physical improvement? You said kidney function, I’m assuming the feeding tube is out and he’s eating on his own?

“He’s able to grab a French fry for example and feed himself. He just started doing that. Just.”

Has he been able to get up and walk or move around and be mobile?

“His left side function has remarkably improved. He’ll rub his head, eyes, things you normally do. His right side function is returning, especially in the last few days.”

How can you explain, CAN you explain his recovery process?

“No, I can’t explain it. I can’t explain it. We’ve been battling our heads back and forth, to figure out how this has happened, trying to look for scientific causes. I mean, I think by the grace of God. I don’t see any specific scientific reason how all of a sudden you have such terrible brain damage with no oxygen for 43 hours.”

Are there other physicians who are now looking at his case? Is he becoming a case study?

“As best as we know, there’s not been one person that’s ever survived an incident where they’ve been deprived of oxygen with severe carbon monoxide poisoning for 43 hours as was Randy’s case.”

“He has shown astonishing results. He continues to be motivated. He has a great sense of humor. He’ll smile and joke. For example he’ll call me Frankenstein.”

How long do you think he’ll be at Health South, or a rehab facility like it?

“I think he’ll be with us for at least another few months.”

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